Plot Twist!

In my previous post, I listed off some reasons why I love being a nanny and aspire to be a teacher. And while I mean every single word of it, I’m gonna throw you a little curve ball here. I don’t think I would ever hire a nanny to take care of my kids. Call it what you may: hypocrite, phoney.. So before we get ahead of ourselves, let me tell you why I would prefer to send my tiny humans to a daycare and not hire a nanny. Please note that I am talking about full time nannies, not the occasional babysitter.

In a daycare setting, the number of children is much great. The average classroom holds roughly 15-20 (depending on support and popularity). As a nanny, you only have a handful of children; maybe two or three if you’re lucky. In a daycare, rules are set, responsibility is given, and disciplinary actions take place. And the same could be the said about a household. However, the degree at which these are held are very different. So what makes them different?

Setting. It all boils down to where this all goes down. A nanny and teacher may have the same expectations of a child, but one is enforced outside the home and the other inside. Your child knows that at school there are certain things he or she can do, and at home, there are things they can’t do. They establish between home and daycare, therefore establishing a difference between mommy and daddy, and the teacher. With a nanny, home is home. Why is this bad? Well in short, the nanny becomes the makeshift parent (see what I did there ?;) )Their rules are enforced daily. You could argue that as long as the parents and nanny are in good communication, it doesn’t matter. Ah, but it still does. While the same rules are enforced, they will be enforced slightly different. Your child will view the nanny as a third parent. There is another person raising your child at the most crucial age.

Before you throw a kitchen sink at me, let me just reiterate that this is just my personal opinion. For me, it boils down to not wanting someone else to be raising my kids. I do understand that reality kicks in as jobs are a must because let’s face it, children are expensive. I would just prefer to send my child to a daycare, and leave home life to me and my husband! Also, social interactions are a plus it’s daycare! Just saying..