Wake up!

Y’know those times when you are just so tired and the kids just don’t seem to ever give you a break? So you cave and plop them in front of the TV to watch a movie so you can catch up some sleep? I have been guilty of this. *insert shame face here*

It was day five of my 12 hour shift day stretch and I was exhausted. The kids had been driving me up the wall all week – it was a wonder how I hadn’t pulled my hair out yet. I sat on the couch to quickly catch my breath and found myself nodding off. Snap out of it! No sleeping on the job, Melinda! I squeezed a tad bit more energy out to get off the couch, but as soon as I got up, I knew I would need to sit again soon. I went to the kitchen, cut up some pineapples and strawberries and called Nathan over. I had just finished putting the two little ones down for their nap and decided that I would let Nathan watch a movie and have a snack so that I could sneak in a quick power nap. Nathan chose The Incredibles (the fascination with super heroes he had was insane) and we began to watch. I dozed off pretty quickly. Knowing I had to still keep an ear out for him, I pulled the mommy-nap. For those of you who are not familiar with this concept, it is the art of power napping while still being conscious enough to sense your child’s movements.

Being in my half-asleep mommy-nap stage, I felt a slight movement and then a sudden closeness of another person. Thinking it was Nathan just moving closer, I kept my eyes closed. It wasn’t two seconds later that he leaned his face in close up to mine and exclaimed, “Wake up!!” My eyes shot open. “Why are you sleeping, sir?” I told him I was tired to which he replied, “Well the super heroes need you to watch them so that they can have strength to save the world!”

Needless to say, my sneaky plan had not gone well.