Time for Goodbyes

I spent a wonderful two months with these boys. All three captured my heart in a way that I can not even explain. Is it possible to love children so deeply that aren’t even yours? Cause seriously, that’s what happened.

I promised you guys this story, so here goes.

WARNING! A box of tissues may be necessary if you’re the emotional type.

It was my second last day with the kids. Their mom had been easing them into the fact that I would be leaving and a new nanny would replace me. Sam went to sleep without a fuss, as did Luke. I always put Nathan to be last and about half an hour later than the other two. Nathan and I would talk before bed and reflect on the things he did and learned. We had just finished our talk and I was walking out of his room when he asked, “Can you just cuddle with me for a little bit?” He patted the bed and moved over to the other side to make room for me. Knowing it was my last full night with him, I agreed. I lied next to him to see what he would do next. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked at me with a sad look. “Mommy said that you won’t be here anymore. That makes me really sad. But I won’t cry.” He paused. “Are you sad that you won’t see me anymore?”
“Of course, Nathan! I’m going to miss you and Luke and Sam so very much!”
He seemed relieved to know that I would miss them. “Y’know, you can cry if you want to. I’ll just cuddle with you until you feel better,” he gave me a big smile and put his arm around me. He sigh. “Melinda, I just — I just really really love you.” Cue heart melting.
“I love you, too, Nathan,” I held myself together. There was no way I’d let him see me cry. We laid there together for a minute and before he dozed off, I told him to be good for the new nanny like he had been for me. He promised he would listen, but only if the new nanny had a happy face. I assured him she would. “It’s time for me to go now, bud.” I started getting up. He sat up and hugged me one last time. “My last day will be Sunday, but we will play lots and I’ll bring you a treat, okay?”
“YES!” He exclaimed. “I promise I’ll be good!” He knew I only awarded treats for good behaviour. I walked to the door and just before I closed the door, he said, “I love you!” one last time. I told him I loved him back and closed the door.

These boys taught me so much and I fell in love with them. The joy they gave me is unexplainable – there are no words that could full express my experience. I will forever cherish them. ❤